19 December 2008

Data management advice the UKDA way

Some of you may be aware of this already, but I recently came across a useful resource which underlines much of what was covered at the last Forum meeting in November. The UKDA website includes a set of well-written advice pages on sharing and managing data, including some bits on advice and training. Although it's obviously geared for social sciences researchers, most of the material is sufficiently generic to apply to data management across most disciplines. See http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/sharing/sharing.asp for info.

17 December 2008

RDMF2: Core Skills Diagram

Here's the draft version of a diagram we've put together to reflect the core skills for research data management - another outcome of RDMF2, which informed the breakout groups summarised in an earlier post.

[click on the image for a larger version]

It would be good to hear your views on this, particularly the crossover points (i.e. those skills which span two or more job 'types').

So let's have your comments below, or alternatively email martin.donnelly@ed.ac.uk

And best wishes for the festive season!

11 December 2008

Notes from breakout groups now available

The raw notes from last month's Forum breakout groups are now online at the RDMF section of the DCC website.

These will form the basis of the group's recommendations and outcomes, to follow in the New Year.

The notes are fairly rough and ready, but there could well be the germ of a great idea or two contained within...