01 July 2008


We propose to hold the next meeting of the Research Data Management Forum in Birmingham, in November 2008. It has been suggested that the focus of the event should be upon roles and responsibilities, skills and expertise, with a particular examination of the skills and practice models that different groups bring to the table, both here and in an international setting.

Is this an area of interest or concern that you feel it would be advantageous to explore, or are there other issues that you consider it would be more useful and appropriate to address in the context of the Forum’s next meeting?


St├ęphane Goldstein said...

This is a very topical subject for us at RIN (and for JISC too). Our report on data publication drew important conclusions on the need to skill researchers, or at least to ensure that expert support is readily available to underpin data management. This is closely related to the issue of providing incentives and rewards for good data management, which might also be considered either at this or future instalments of the Forum.

Luis Martinez Uribe said...

I would be interested to learn more about already existing national services that could offer support on data management for researchers.

For instance, if a researcher from any UKHE has a particular question on formats for data creation, documentation or best ways of sharing/publishing. Could they ask national data centers or the DCC? What level of service could they expect to receive from those?

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