16 February 2009

e-Merging New Roles and Responsibilities in the European Landscape

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e-Merging New Roles and Responsibilities in the European Landscape Workshop 17 April at the KB, The Hague Netherlands.


This workshop aims to develop a basic understanding of the issues presented by long-term digital curation and preservation of resources which are (to be) deposited in institutional and subject-based repositories – both within research institutions and research communities. It will highlight the state of the art in digital curation and will cover best practices, including possibilities for outsourcing.

Target groups

Policy makers and managers of digital objects within libraries and research institutions, a.o. research librarians, directors of research institutions, repository managers and middle management; publishers are also invited.

Learning objectives

Participants have a general understanding of current approaches to long-term preservation of digital objects in an international context

Participants are aware of the increasing complexity of digital objects and of the currently accepted solutions for long-term preservation and access

Participants are able to assess the preconditions for implementing long-term preservation within their own organisation – both in terms of policy, technical infrastructure and organisational development

Participants are familiar with the existing network of expertise.

Registration fee: Members of LIBER pay only € 125; after March 16th the registration fee will be € 150.

Non-members of LIBER pay € 175; after March 16th the registration fee will be € 200.This fee includes all drinks and lunch.

Further details of the workshop including the programme, registration form are available at http://www.kb.nl/hrd/congressen/curatingresearch2009/index-en.xml

Data Movement and Management

An interesting event, available via webinar for those unable to travel to the Pacific Northwest...

Data Movement and Management

Modern libraries consist of a variety of complicated data systems, many containing a portion of the data needed to address any specific question. Often data needs to be extracted from one system and moved to or compared with information in another. Frequently, these systems don’t communicate well. This in-person conference will explore a number of ongoing data transfer and transformation consensus projects. Whether it is collections or holdings information distributed via ONIX, financial data via CORE, or usage data via SUSHI, the community is working on strategies and structures to easily transition data from one system to another. Each of these initiatives will contribute to saving librarians time and eventually money in managing their operations. Themes: General Issues, Cataloging, Collection Management, Library Management Level: Intermediate to advanced

>> http://www.niso.org/news/events/2009/datamovement09

12 February 2009

Effective data management:: Working together

The current edition of RINews carries an account of the most recent Research Data Management Forum meeting. Check it out at http://www.rin.ac.uk/files/RINews-issue7-Winter08.pdf