17 December 2008

RDMF2: Core Skills Diagram

Here's the draft version of a diagram we've put together to reflect the core skills for research data management - another outcome of RDMF2, which informed the breakout groups summarised in an earlier post.

[click on the image for a larger version]

It would be good to hear your views on this, particularly the crossover points (i.e. those skills which span two or more job 'types').

So let's have your comments below, or alternatively email martin.donnelly@ed.ac.uk

And best wishes for the festive season!


Robin Rice said...

Hi Martin,
Belatedly looking at this diagram. Very interesting. My main comment will emphasise what I was saying in the workshop. That the 'new breed' of data librarian should have some commonality with its more traditional role within quantitative social science for helping staff and students find, use, subset and reformat, and troubleshoot use of secondary datasets, especially as I don't see this activity being picked up by the other roles.

Think supply and demand: who is helping users re-use the information on the demand side? Maybe that is what is meant by negotiation, but it is also user support.

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Glen Newton said...

Clicking on the image (http://www.dcc.ac.uk/tmp/coreSkillsDiagram.gif) returns a 404 not found:
>Not Found
>The requested URL /tmp/coreSkillsDiagram.gif was not found on this server.
>Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at www.dcc.ac.uk Port 80

Martin Donnelly said...

Sorry Glen, this was a victim of the recent DCC web shift. It should be back and working now.

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Robert Lombardi said...

Excellent diagram. I've been researching data management and best practices for a number of years, and this is definitely one of the better diagrams I've come across. Would love to hear your thoughts on dcim software and it's implications on data center management operations within organizations. This is where I'm currently focusing my research.


- Bill

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Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

Is this a type of SWOT diagram? SWOT diagrams look the same as this.


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