16 February 2009

Data Movement and Management

An interesting event, available via webinar for those unable to travel to the Pacific Northwest...

Data Movement and Management

Modern libraries consist of a variety of complicated data systems, many containing a portion of the data needed to address any specific question. Often data needs to be extracted from one system and moved to or compared with information in another. Frequently, these systems don’t communicate well. This in-person conference will explore a number of ongoing data transfer and transformation consensus projects. Whether it is collections or holdings information distributed via ONIX, financial data via CORE, or usage data via SUSHI, the community is working on strategies and structures to easily transition data from one system to another. Each of these initiatives will contribute to saving librarians time and eventually money in managing their operations. Themes: General Issues, Cataloging, Collection Management, Library Management Level: Intermediate to advanced

>> http://www.niso.org/news/events/2009/datamovement09


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